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Class 2: Miss Rainford

World Book Day 2019

World Book Day 2019 1 Absolutely wonderful characters today!

Love for Learning Week - all about Wales!

Love for Learning Week - all about Wales! 1
Love for Learning Week - all about Wales! 2

Disco Skeletons!!

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As our topic looks at the body, we've been busy making Disco Skeletons and using a Green Screen and the iPad's to make our own disco!

mi burrito sabanero

Here is one of our 'Round the World Songs for you to sing along to! Enjoy!
We will be learning the first verse!

Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola" (Song Only)

Here is one of our 'Round the World songs for you to sing along to! Enjoy!

Guten Tag! Hallo! Wie geht's?

Here is one of the 'Round the World songs for you to sing along to! Enjoy!

Weekly Challenge 27.09.18

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Can you do 20 sit ups? Tweet the school/email videos/ print photos - we'd love to see how you get on! Pob lwc!

Class 2's weekly challenge!

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It's challenge time! Can you and another family member (come on Mums and Dads!) complete a handstand against a wall? How long can you hold it for? Tweet the school your challenges if you can @CreigiauABC

Good luck!

Challenge extension

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Bunny hops across a bench

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Forward rolls on a bench

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Progressing from bunny hops to cartwheels over a bench

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Home Learning Activities - Class 2 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to Class 2's page!


I am Mrs Mullett and I am the class teacher and I will be working hard with your children to help them achieve their best this year! They will also work with Miss Ryall on Mondays and Tuesdays and Mrs Good Wednesday - Friday. On a Wednesday morning, Mrs Griffiths will be teaching the class.


Here are some key points and dates to remember for this term:

* Reading and spelling days - Your child will be allocated their own reading and spelling day, which shall be written in their reading record. Please ensure their books are on this particular day every week, otherwise I will not be able to hear them read or change their books. If your child is unwell or we have an INSET day and we are unable to listen to them read, please bring their books on the next school day.


*PE days: Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure that pupils have correct PE kit, including socks for girls (as they may be wearing tights on a PE day) and that long hair is tied back and no jewellery is worn. 


*Class assembly - this is on Friday 19th October at 9:15am. You are very welcome to come and join us! 


*Names - please ensure your child's clothing and belongings are clearly named to avoid them ending up in 'lost property' or sent home with the wrong child. 


Many thanks for your continued cooperation,


Mrs Mullett 



Mrs Mullett's class email

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Mullett

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Nature Detectives - Spring Term Topic Overview

Making Spelling FUN! Ideas for supporting your child with weekly spellings and high frequency words targets.

Big Maths Sample Tests

Big Maths Sample Tests 1
Big Maths Sample Tests 2

Foundation Phase Framework - for your information

14th July 2016


Many thanks to the parents who helped out on our school trip to Mountain View Ranch earlier this week. We had a fabulous time and I suspect there were lots of very tired children at the end of the day. We were very pleased with the enthusiasm the children showed and their behaviour around the attraction. Well done Class 2!

1st July 2016


Thank you to Dexter's Mum, who came into school on Tuesday to help Class 2 with some sewing. As part of this year's 'Take One Picture' project, we are making decorated elephants. This is linked to our work on transition from Foundation Phase to Key Stage 2, and we have been sequencing and rewriting the story of Ganesh - Hindu God of New Beginnings. Hopefully the children can tell you the story of Ganesh and how he came to have an elephant's head!


We have also been talking about the extra curricular clubs that the children can join when they move to Class 3. Two representatives will be chosen from the class to attend School Council, Eco Committee or the School Nutrition Action Group (SNAG). Children can only join one group. Children who want to join one of the groups have worked on their application in classtime with the help of their friends, and need to produce their finished application over the weekend. It can be a letter or poster - whatever they want! The existing groups members will then look at the applications and choose the representatives in September. It is important that their application explains why the children want to join the club and what skills or interests they offer. The following year, a similar process will happen and new children are chosen to give as many as possible the opportunity to represent their class during Key Stage 2.


Mrs Rees

24th June 2016

24th June 2016 1
24th June 2016 2
24th June 2016 3
24th June 2016 4
24th June 2016 5
24th June 2016 6
24th June 2016 7
24th June 2016 8
24th June 2016 9
24th June 2016 10
24th June 2016 11
24th June 2016 12
24th June 2016 13
24th June 2016 14
24th June 2016 15
24th June 2016 16

This week Class 2 worked in groups with their talking partner to write their own poems about Castles. They adapted a model and then added a musical accompaniament. It was rather a noisy morning, but great fun.


On Thursday we had a walk in the sunshine to a local Creigiau Garden. Lesley visited our class a couple of weeks ago to teach us about composting, and invited us to visit her own garden.  What a lovely garden she has, full of cottage style plants. The children were particularly interested in her frog pond! You will get a feel for how beautiful and peaceful it is by looking at our photographs. If you would like to visit the garden to see Lesley's hard work for yourself, she opens it to the public as part of the National Gardens Scheme (see


Hopefully some of you also visited our school garden last Sunday to see the hard work the children have done there. It was rather a wet day but still enjoyable to walk around.

10th June 2016

10th June 2016 1
10th June 2016 2
10th June 2016 3
10th June 2016 4
10th June 2016 5
10th June 2016 6

This week we had a visit from a lady who lives in the village and is involved with the Open Garden Scheme. Lesley visited the school garden last year when we opened it to the public, and came in on Tuesday to give us some advice on setting up our own composting project. The children were able to ask her questions about composting, look at the compost she was making at home, and look at her finished compost. We then took some waste from around school to put into our own compost bins.

The children particularly enjoyed looking at the insects and worms that were living in the compost!


Our garden will be open to visit again this year on 19th June - Father's Day. Hopefully we will see some of you there and you can see what the children have been doing.


Mrs Rees

25th May 2016


Yesterday we enjoyed our class trip to Castell Coch and Fforest Fawr.


We started with an exploration of some 'Mystery Bags' which were given to us by the Castle curators. Inside the bags were a variety of objects from long ago, which we had to look at and try and work out what they were. Well done Ben for working out that one of the items was used to serve food, with a well for sauce on the side. Although I'm not sure they had ketchup in medieval times! Will also used his thinking skills to work out what one of his items was - not a light saber Will, but a shepherd's sundial!


We then had a story telling session where we listened to three tales from Aesop's Fables. The setting for the session was the Castle Drawing Room. What a beautiful room - decorated with pictures from the fables, a sun and stars. We spent some time lying on the floor so that we could see the ceiling decorations in their full glory.


The only disappointing part of the trip was that we didn't have enough time to fully explore the Castle or the woodlands. I'm sure the children would love to return, so if you get a sunny day during half term it would be a great place for you all to visit.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Setting off on the Sculpture Trail

Setting off on the Sculpture Trail 1

20th May 2016


This week we have started to look at castles, in preparation for our trip next week and as part of our fairy tale theme. We have been looking at Motte and Bailey castles and discussing the strengths and weaknesses of wooden versus stone castles. With their talking partners, the children discussed different settings to decide whether they were good places to build a castle or not. They had to think about whether or not they would see their attackers approach, how difficult their castle would be to overcome and what they would do for food.


Some of the children have also completed sketches of castles. Wonderful work!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6

11th May 2016


Today we had a visit from two firemen - Aled and Tim. They gave everybody homework for tonight.

They asked the children to get their parents to help them to check their smoke alarms.

The children are going to report back to let us  know how they got on.


Mrs Rees

6th April 2016


The children have worked hard this week for their National Tests, and we are really proud of their attitude and the way they applied themselves to their booklets. They have been doing a lot of maths work, both in the class and outside, and have also made use of the good weather to take their reading outside into the school garden.


Layla told us how well she did at Arabic School in her recent tests, and recited some Arabic to the class. We all agreed that it is a beautiful language to listen to. Thank you Layla!


We have started to look at Fairy Tale characters, talking about good and evil characters and trying to think of words to describe them. As the children have worked so hard at the weekends recently on maths and language work, I am not setting additional homework this week, but it would be useful if you were to talk about the characters in their reading books and think of appropriate words to describe them.


Mrs Rees


29th April 2016


Class 2 had a sports filled week with visits from players from the Wales U20 Rugby Team, and tennis with Dean.

Will, Joseph and Isabelle were lucky enough to have their own questions answered by the players, and the rest of the class had the opportunity to listen to the players talk about how it felt to be picked to play for Wales and to win the Grand Slam. We also heard about the hard work and commitment they show in order to be top of their sport.


On Tuesday, Dean held another tennis session and great fun was had by all. It's a non stop, busy session and it was great to see everyone trying so hard to learn new skills.


Enjoy the long weekend.

Mrs Rees


Visit from Wales U20 Rugby players

Visit from Wales U20 Rugby players 1

23rd April 2016


We have been revising time again in class this week, and have also started to look at fractions - halves and quarters. Please take any opportunity at home to reinforce both these areas of learning. If you are cutting up a cake or a sharing a bar of chocolate, see if your child can split it into halves or quarters. Try to make sure you have both digital and analogue clocks in the house, to help children read key times - o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. Some children have also been showing their skills at reading 5 minute intervals. Well done!


This week we also had the opportunity to use pedometers as part of the school's Healthy Fortnight. We monitored our steps during a classroom based session and then did some outdoor exercise to see how many more steps we did. This then led into a discussion about the benefits of exercise. On Friday, the children then took part in the sponsored football event to see how hard or fast they could kick a ball. Great fun (and noisy fun), was had by all!


Mrs Rees


Summer Overview - Once upon a Time ...

15th April 2016


Welcome back to everybody after the Easter holidays. Thank you for working through the Maths paper with your child. If you received the Easter homework and haven't yet sent it back could you please do so next week.


We have started to introduce our new topic for this term - 'Once upon a Time', and we now have a Castle Corner in our classroom. The science part of our topic will focus on 'Materials', so already the children have been looking around our outside area to identify different materials and what they are used for.


We have also been doing some work on time - o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. The children have done really well but do need continual practise. Now is a good time to build on the work in school so that they are able to use analogue and digital clocks and watches at home. In outdoor games we also completed lots of activities in a minute, as part of our work to help the children understand the passing of time - how long hours, minutes and seconds are.


Mrs Rees

Muddy Marvellous: Spring Scavenger Hunt - 22nd March 2016

18th March 2016


Well done to Class 2 today, running 222 laps of the school field - a total of 37 miles. This was a huge contribution to the schools Sports Relief Relay Marathon. I believe, an overall total of 27 marathons was achieved!


This was a lovely way to end our week, a week in which we have been using our thinking skills to work out combinations of coins, and to work out whether or not we can afford to pay for things with the money we have. We also went on hunt for right angles around the school grounds. We discovered that there are more right angles in man made things than in nature.


We learnt a bit more about our skeleton and the names of some of the main bones. This led to a general discussion about body shape and how people with different jobs sometimes develop different body shapes as particular parts of their bodies become stronger than others.


Many thanks for your time at parents evening earlier in the week. I hope you enjoyed looking at your child's work as they were all very keen for you to see what they had been doing.


Mrs Rees


10th March 2016


Today we held a Fairtrade Breakfast in Class 2 as part of Fairtrade Fortnight. We used fairtrade ingredients to make banana smoothies and Chocolate Goo (otherwise known as Chocolate Refridgerator Cake!). It tasted better than it looked! Lots of children enjoyed the recipe and were a little disappointed that they couldn't have seconds, so I told them I would put a link to the recipe on this page. If you go to you will find lots of different recipes to try out.


Mrs Rees


4th March 2016


This week the children in Class 2 have been extremely busy.


On March 1st we took part in the School Eisteddford, performing a Welsh song with the rest of the English Foundation Phase,  and presenting handwriting and art work. Well done to those of you who won certificates.


On Thursday we then took part in World Book Day, reading to our friends and writing book reviews to recommend our favourite books to other children to read. Hopefully we can find a space in the Foundation Phase library for some of that work, to inspire children in other classes to read the books we love so much. Thank you to everybody for dressing up in such fantastic costumes.


Then today, we presented our assembly to family and friends in school. I was very proud of the children and I hope they enjoyed performing their story as much as I enjoyed watching it. Thank you to everybody who came to watch.

Class Assembly

Class Assembly 1
Class Assembly 2
Class Assembly 3
Class Assembly 4

World Book Day

World Book Day 1
World Book Day 2
World Book Day 3
World Book Day 4
World Book Day 5

26th February 2016


We had a special visitor in school this week - Evie the Guide Dog. After looking in class at the effect of different visual impairments, we met Evie, and learned about how much support a guide dog can give to a visually impaired person. We watched a film about young people with guide dogs and they said how they had stopped going out and couldn't do the things their friends were doing. Their guide dogs help them to go out with their friends again, and they even take them to school!


What we didn't realise is that it costs £50,000 to support a guide dog through it's working life, and it takes 2 years of intensive training to make sure the dog is ready to work safely with its handler. There are a lot of people involved with guide dogs who work voluntarily - they don't get paid. The puppy walkers, who brought Evie into school, are some of those people.


We have also started practising our class assembly this week and we hope you can come to watch our performance next Friday. Please help your child to practise their words over the weekend. They should all have a letter in their folders about assembly costume.


Mrs Rees


11th February 2015


We have had a busy week, completing a science investigation to explore whether taller children can jump further. Our results were inconclusive but in general the children thought that maybe how much sport children did was the key factor. Their theory is that playing more sport leads to having stronger legs.


They have also completed some lovely work to write a set of instructions about how to make a Bird Kebab. They made the kebabs first and they are now hanging on the fence in the school garden.


I hope you have a lovely half term holiday and come back to school refreshed and ready to start work on our class assembly!


Mrs Rees

Picture 1

5th February 2016


Yesterday PC Durani visited out class to talk about Medicines and Drugs. We talked about using medicines safely - where to get medicines and who to take them from. PC Durani brought a bag with him which he had found in the park. Inside were lots of things, including a water bottle and some tablets. We learnt that we should never take or use things which we find, that don't belong to us. We thought it was water in the bottle but we didn't know for sure. It could have been something that would make us really ill! We should tell a teacher or our parents.


We also looked at where medicines should be stored at home. PC Durani said they should be kept in a high cupboard where children couldn't reach. He asked us to tell our Mums and Dads when we got home!


Mrs Rees

29th January 2016


After lots of planning and modifying, we have finally made our Fruit Faces. Thank you to Chloe, for bringing in a picture of the artist who inspired us, Giuseppe Arcimbaldo, and some examples of his work. I'm sure you'll agree, the children have been very inventive in their choice of colour, shape and texture. Well done Class 2!


Mrs Rees

Our Fabulous Fruit Faces

Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 1
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 2
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 3
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 4
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 5
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 6
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 7
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 8
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 9
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 10
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 11
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 12
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 13
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 14
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 15
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 16
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 17
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 18
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 19
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 20
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 21
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 22
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 23
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 24
Our Fabulous Fruit Faces 25

22nd January 2016


The children have continued to try and teach each other some new games for playtime. Elinor taught us a game from South Africa and Isabelle taught us how to play Spanish tag. Thank you to both of you for helping out.


We have been doing some tricky Maths this week as part of our Science lesson. We were looking at eye colour and made a chart of everybody's eye colour in our class. We then had some questions to answer about the graph, such as 'how many more children had blue eyes than green eyes'. This proved to be very difficult for most of the children. If you get chance to practise that vocabulary at home it would be helpful - 'How many more ... than ....?'


We have also started introducing measuring in centimetres using a ruler. Make sure you start at zero and line the ruler up with the end of the object you are measuring!


Have a lovely weekend.


Mrs Rees


15th January 2016


This week we have started work on labelling the different parts of the body and soon we will be revising parts of the body in Welsh too. We have also looked at the work of artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo, in particular his 'Fruit Faces' Next week we will be designing our own fruit faces, ready to make our own portraits afterwards.


All of the children have been reassessed on spelling patterns to make sure that we revise and build on any areas of difficulty this term. Consequently there may be some moving around of children between spelling groups to enable children working on similar patterns to work together.


In Maths we have been continuing to work on addition sums. Some of the children are not yet secure with adding 1 digit numbers to another 1 digit number e.g. 4+3. They need to be able to do this quickly, in their heads, to use that basic skill to work with larger numbers. Any chance you get to practise at home would be invaluable. All of the children are fabulous at counting in tens to 100. The more able would now like to be able to count past 100 and be able to write the numbers. We discussed it this week and they had good fun trying to work the numbers out with a friend.


On the yard, I have had lots of reports of children playing well together, which is lovely to hear. Yesterday Nikolaos taught some of us a Greek playground game and Hannah was teaching 'games from the olden days'. Thank you to you both.


Mrs Rees

Spring Overview - My Amazing Body!

8th January 2016


Welcome back to school and a Happy New Year to all of you.


Our new topic this term is 'The Amazing Body' and more details will follow shortly. We started this week by exploring the school grounds to see what we could find that was living and non-living. We then puzzled over what tells us if something is alive or not. The computer confused a few people as it sometimes appears to operate like a person! We read a poem about hands and copied it out to show our best handwriting.


We also wrote our news from the holidays. It seems that many of you had an early start on Christmas morning!


Please can you make sure that the children have their wellies in school and that they have all of their PE kit in school, so that they can take a full part in our lessons. Thank you.


Mrs Rees

18th December 2015


Hopefully you will have received your child's Christmas card tonight. What a tricky exercise they found it, tying knots. However, it was good practise for when they are learning to tie their laces! They have had a very industrious week of  Christmas craft and Christmas maths.


On Tuesday we had our Christmas party which was very exciting. Many thanks for the food contributions. We have continued to snack on the leftovers this week and will continue to do so in January. They also had the chance to watch the DVD of our Christmas concert and thoroughly enjoyed joining in with the songs, including the songs the Juniors performed.


Have a lovely Christmas break. Many thanks from myself and Mrs Wilkins for your gifts and good wishes. See you again in the New Year.


Mrs Rees

11th December 2015


What a busy week, with four Christmas Concert performances. I hope you were able to watch your child/children perform and were as proud of their performances as we were. They spoke with such confidence. Thank you for the wonderful costumes you provided.


The children have also started learning about Christmas traditions in other countries this week. We have read the story of Tomten from Sweden and the Legend of Befana from Italy. We will be continuuing with this work next week.


Mrs Rees


4th December 2015


Yesterday was my first day back in class and we were all very sorry to see Mrs Willmott leave. She has been a fantastic teacher this term and I can see lots of exciting work in the classroom based aroundWinnie the Witch. I am amazed to see how much the children have developed just in one term.


Look after yourselves this weekend, and rest your voices to make sure you can speak and sing beautifully in our Christmas Concerts next week. I can't wait!


Mrs Rees


Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15

Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 1
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 2
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 3
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 4
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 5
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 6
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 7
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 8
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 9
Muddy Marvellous 20.10.15 10

World Cup Celebrations

World Cup Celebrations 1

Autumn Overview for Parents

12th September 2015


The children have had a busy week with the start of PE lessons, singing and a number of in class assessments to help make sure they all receive the specific support they need this term. Remind children, when they are writing at home, when to use capital letters and full stops. You can also encourage them to take note of full stops when reading if they currently merge sentences together.


They have also produced some magical pastel drawings based on the Winnie the Witch books, and these will be displayed in our developing role play area, 'Winnie's Workshop'.


I have added an overview of the areas we hope to cover in Class 2 this term.


Mrs Rees

5th September 2015


Although I taught most of Class 2 in their Reception year, we have been spending time this week getting to know each other again, to find out how interests have changed and to hear about some new brothers and sisters who have been born during the last year. We have also had some lovely diaries brought into school telling us about what you have been up to over the summer. Many thanks.


Fortunately the weather has been kind to us, so we have been out into the garden to see what work needs doing and to start tidying it up. Over the summer it seems to have turned into a bit of a jungle!


Our topic this term will be 'Celebrations' and I will give you a bit more information about that next week. Reading books will start coming home next week and all children will need to have their PE kit in school.


Mrs Rees