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Class 4: Mr Williams

Hello everyone,

It's week 11 and we've done our first week back at school.  It was really lovely to see so many of you last week and we had a great time catching up with what everyone's been up to.  We're missing those of you not able to come to school at the moment and we hope to see you soon.   We're continuing with the Cardiff Bay project over the next couple of weeks but this will be the last week of set work on the website (please see letter below).  I'll put a few extra things up on Hwb, in the Just2Easy (J2E) section should you want some extra work at some point.  There's a video message this week and some films that each daily group made last week. We did a little dramatic work on how we've felt during the coronavirus crisis; how things are beginning to change and how we hope things will be better soon. We used the willow tunnel in the garden to show the 'Passage of Time' and how we're looking for the light at the end of the tunnel. 

We've got some maths mysteries and recognising angles work in Numeracy. Those of you coming in will be measuring angles too. Roald Dahl features in our reading work at home and at school, due to his connection to Cardiff and the Bay. I'd like you to write a story this week, to show off your creative writing skills.  It's all about ice cream! heart

See you soon,

Mr Williams

Week 11 Video Message

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Passage of Time - Monday

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Passage of Time - Tuesday

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Passage of Time - Wednesday

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Passage of Time - Thursday

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Cardiff Bay Barrage - Boats

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Molly has sent in this fab video of boats coming into the Bay through the locks. It shows the process of the lock filling up and the gates opening to allow boats into the Bay but it's speeded-up so it doesn't take too long to watch. Thanks Molly!

Hello everyone,

Week 10 has arrived and with it, the first week back in school for many. Are you excited?!   I hope you've seen the video of Mrs Kirkman showing you around the school and the virtual photo tour of the classrooms, it's amazing!   I've got two videos for you this week! The first is the weekly message and the second is a video of Cardiff Bay to help you with the project work for the next three weeks.  Our project is the original topic we had planned for this term, Cardiff Bay.  I hope you'll be able to do some research and create a project on paper or computer about three themes around the Bay. This week the theme is the Barrage and the video gives a little bit of information to help you on your way.  Over the next two weeks our themes will be Buildings and then Monuments, to finish.  If you're coming to school, you'll have some time on laptops to continue your project work each week and I hope we'll be able to save as many as possible to your Hwb folders before the end of term.   I'm really looking forward to seeing you next week and thanks to those I spoke with last week for some lovely chats.  Bye for now!

Best wishes

Mr Williams

Week 10 Video Message

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Cardiff Bay Barrage

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Health and Wellbeing

Hello everyone,

Week 9 is the final week before we start back to school.  I hope those of you coming back are excited, I certainly am !!   It will be lovely to see many of you and catch up on what you've been up to.  I enjoyed the chats I've had this week with many of you and I'm looking forward to catching up with the final few of you next week, probably on Tuesday.  First things first, however, we have some activities for this week.  We have Bearded Dragons, Origami, Spain, Cricket, Pizza, Gaudi and Space - so something for everyone I'm sure !   Our Literacy work revolves around persuasive writing and creating an advert, whilst the Numeracy involves multiplication - of long and short varieties.

Let me know how you're getting on or if you've got any questions about anything.

Best wishes

Mr Williams

Week 9 Video

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Week 8 Video Message

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Week 7 Video Message

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Hwb and Purple Mash logins:

Please e-mail me via the direct messaging box at the bottom of the class page. I will then reply securely with your child's log in details.   Many pupils have their details on the inside front cover of homework books.  Any problems you have with logging in, don't worry, just e-mail me and we'll get things sorted.   We are in next week so we can sort out any username/password issues.


Messages and school work/activities will be posted here and on Hwb  (Just2Easy - j2e section  Class 4 2020 Pages).  There will be an initial set of tasks which you are welcome to do in the way that best suits you at home.  You may be able to do some tasks on the computer, you may be able to print others out (if you have a printer) or you may copy or adapt tasks in homework books or on paper. Please do what you can and how you can - and remember, I won't be able to come round and check up on you - so don't stress!  



Class Assembly - Remembrance

Class Assembly - Remembrance 1
Class Assembly - Remembrance 2

Rocket Launch (video)

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By mixing vinegar and bicarbonate of soda in the bottle - the resulting pressure blows the cork out and the rocket flies!!!

Tetrahedron Challenge. Built (and dismantled) in an afternoon !

Tetrahedron Challenge.  Built (and dismantled) in an afternoon ! 1


Photos 1 Spelling raps. Vowels vibrate in the throat.
Photos 2 Reading their stories to each other
Photos 3 Mobile Maths on the yard
Photos 4 Mobile Maths in the sunshine
Photos 5 Tennis
Photos 6 Tennis
Photos 7 Tennis

2019 - 2020


Welcome to Class 4 with Mr Williams. 

We have a very busy and fun-filled year ahead with many exciting things to look forward to and I am very excited. 

PE: Outdoor games will be on Monday and Indoor dance / gym will be on Tuesday

PPA: Mrs Griffith on Wednesday morning. 

Keep a check on your personal targets and remember to share them with others at home so they can help you too! 

Homework: Homework will be given on a Friday and due in the following Wednesday.  This will include weekly spellings practice.


Reading and library books must be in class each day and taken home every night. Remember to get you Reading Record book signed weekly or when you finish you reading books to progress more quickly.  You must keep track of all your reading by recording the pages that you have read each day.  Try to challenge yourself to read a little more each day!


Please use your Username / Password cards to access Purple Mash, Sumdog and HWB based activities. 


Our Autumn term topic is: The firework Maker's Daughter.  You will be learning all about light, sound, magnets, force, friction and famous scientists.  The Spring term will be Terrible Tudors.  We will be learning all about the life and times of Henry VIII, including his story in Wales.  Finally, the Summer term will bring us Cardiff Creations.  We will focus on how Cardiff Bay became what it is today…It’s not always been there!


Year 4 is all about hard work and fun.

Always try your best.

Mr Williams

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