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Reception: Mrs Hurford

Merry Christmas From everyone in Reception.

Merry Christmas From everyone in Reception. 1

  Our theme this term is called 'Celebrations'. Throughout the term pupils will be finding out about different ways people celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, harvest, bonfire night, Divali, Hanukah and Christmas. We will use stories, interesting artifacts, pictures and IT presentations as stimulus to introduce the topics. 

  These topics will be taught cross curricular where possible, encompassing skills young learners need to develop and acquire. In Science pupils will explore sources of light used in modern times and long ago. In Technology pupils will use a variety of construction toys indoors and outdoors to create models of places of worship in groups with peers, learning to work collaboratively. In Expressive Arts pupils will choose materials to design and create a collage of 'Autumn Time' using seasonal colours. Music, stories and instruments will be used as stimulus for movement and dance.

  In Language development pupils will be encouraged to take part in pair, group and class discussions. The purpose is to develop oracy skills and to learn to use the conventions of conversation. We will listen to stories such as 'Kipper's Birthday' and ''The Nutty Nut Chase'. The topics will be used as stimulus for a variety of writing activities such as writing patterns, pre-cursive letter formation. emergent writing and writing modeled by a teacher.

  In Mathematics the aim is to develop pupils skills of numeracy- counting, number recognition, estimation, compare size and learn properties of 2D and 3D shapes through play.  pupils will sort, match and collect data. IT will be used to enhance learning across the curriculum.

  In Welsh Language pupils will be encouraged to respond to commands, simple language patterns and learn vocabulary linked to the theme. Each day two pupils will take on the role of 'helpwr heddiw' in class. This role encourages pupils to take responsibility as a ' class helper' and develop their use of Welsh oral language for a day.

  As you can see, we have a busy term ahead. I have highlighted some of the activities and ares we aim to cover this term. I look forward to meeting you all throughout the term and hope you enjoy seeing and helping your child learn, explore, investigate and develop into independent learners.

 September, 2019.


Mrs Hurford

Parent Over View

Summer Term, 2019


I genuinely cannot believe that we have reached the Summer Term already! Pupils were very excited to be back at school and were eager to share their news about what they did during the Easter holiday. 

    Our new theme for this term is entitled ‘In the Garden’ and on the first day all pupils visited the school garden in sunshine. They were inspired by what they saw  and heard and had lots of ideas of what they would like to explore and learn about this term.

    We began by watching a favourite story ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ and used this as stimulus for many interesting activities such as symmetry, ordering days of the week and we plan to taste fruit to find out which is the most popular. We are also going to read another Eric Carle book- ‘The Very Busy Spider’ .

    We are creating a woodland camping area in class with a barbecue and sleeping bags for role-play. Everyone loves lighting the barbie and cooking sausages! Outdoors we are setting up a garden centre and café and using coins to buy items.

    We hope that we have many more sunny days so that pupils may enjoy gardening in the school garden throughout the term. We would like to use this outdoor classroom to enhance pupils’ learning in many areas of the curriculum. Some activities include creating habitats for insects, searching for creatures and identifying them, recording findings, creating 3D models of insects and paintings of the garden following Monet or Van Gogh's style.

   In Mathematics we are continuing to count, order, recognise and form numbers to 20 and beyond. We are still practising counting in 2s,5s, and 10s whilst dancing! This term we will be revisiting number bonds to 10 and subtracting using symbols  - + =        

   Pupils will also develop their understanding of measure using the correct mathematical

language such as high, wide, long, short, tall, small etc.

     Later in the term Sports Day will be held. All pupils are looking forward to this and will soon be enjoying practising their chosen events.

    This term also enables Reception Class to perform an

assembly for Mums and Dads, as well as the whole school.  We are very excited about this and everyone has been eager to begin practising.                      


Mrs. Hurford








We continued our theme by reading the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'. We talked about the characters and acted out the story in groups.

         We planted cress seeds, drew pictures and wrote about the stages we took. We discussed how to care for the seeds and watched them grow.

         In Numeracy we have focussed on 'learn its' and everyone worked hard during the Maths Challenge. All Reception pupils were fantastic! We used the outdoors and indoors to explore and learn number bonds to 10. We have continued to use coins to buy flowers in the class 'Flower Shop'.

         Throughout the weeks ' Helpwyr Heddiw' have had the opportunity to ask their peers questions in Welsh, reviewing Welsh language patterns taught each week.

         All pupils were very interested when we explored castles in Wales during the 'Love for Learning' week. Ethan said 'I liked being a prince and dressing up in the castle'. We therefore planned a visit to Cardiff Castle and pupils attended an inspiring workshop entitled 'Meet the Knight'. Pupils listened to information and answered questions about knights and castles. Everyone loved trying on helmets and holding a very large sword.

         We also toured some of the Marquis of Bute's rooms and found out about life long ago.  We all has an amazing day!  Gracie said 'I enjoyed seeing the nursery.' Bethan said 'I enjoyed when the knight told us about armour and things that knights do'. 

         Our term ended by exploring Easter during 'Love for Learning' week, full of art, craft and fun!  We have all had a lovely term, and look forward to having a refreshing holiday,

     'Happy Easter' everyone from Reception Class.






We have begun the new half term reading the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. We have colourful puppet theatre in class which pupils used to retell the story with enthusiasm. We also have a 'Flower Shop'  in class for pupils to use coins to buy flowers.


Everyone had lots of fun dressing up and telling friends about favourite book characters or favourite stories on 'World Book Day'. Next week we look forward to looking for giant foot prints outdoors and focussing on the story 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.



Last half term pupils had lots of fun learning through our theme 'Once Upon a Time'. Everyone enjoyed listening to, reading and telling stories - 'The Three Little Pigs', 'Little Red Riding Hood' and 'Cinderella'. We set up an amazing castle in our class and enjoyed dressing up and re-enacting stories.


Pupils made a class collage using different materials and wrote about 'The Three Little Pigs' and their fairy tales. In science we have been exploring materials and walked around the school identifying what things were made of. We have been sorting materials too and comparing them.


In Numeracy we have been adding totals using symbols + = and learning to recognise coins 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p and have used these in role play to buy items. Pupils are continuing to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have learned some groovy action moves to help us! We have been practising our number formation too.


Pupils have enjoyed using the outdoor play area and especially love using the wooden climbing frame as a special treat. We have some budding long distance runners in our class, as we regularly 'run a mile'.


We ended the half term with the 'love for learning' week. Pupils set out their own learning web of ideas about 'Wales'. Everyone had a very exciting and creative time investigating castles and life in Wales long ago. We set up a Welsh coal mine outdoors and loved acting out a story about a little girl who worked in a Welsh coal mine long ago.


The school Eisteddfod was a fantastic way to end the week and we all had a great day celebrating 'Wales'and our unique Welsh culture.


Spring Term Overview


Our theme this term is entitled ‘Once Upon a Time’. We began the theme by creating a web chart with our ideas for learning. We have listened to the story-’ The Three Little Pigs’ and are learning to recite it using actions. We are going to perform this later this term to Derbyn, who are also learning the story in Welsh.

Through the theme, pupils will be listening to and reading their favourite fairy tales such as ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, ‘Cinderella’ and ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We will be sequencing, retelling, writing about and acting out stories . In the class we are creating a role-play castle with a throne for the king or queen and dressing up clothes for princesses, princes and knights! We will be using IT equipment and information books to find out about life long ago in a castle.

In Science we will be exploring the changing seasons from Winter to Spring and collecting interesting items relating to seasons. Pupils will also be investigating materials and what things are made of. As part of this topic we will be making porridge for ‘The Three Bears’ and going in search of ‘The Big Bad Wolf’.

In Mathematics pupils will be continuing to recognise numerals, count objects accurately, form numerals correctly and add and subtract. We will be learning to recognise coins and will use them each day to buy ’milk’ and items in the café.

This term we are looking forward to creating a class collage of a fairy tale use a variety of materials. We will also be designing, drawing, painting, modelling, building and making. It is certainly going to be a very busy term.




This week at school we have been exploring chosen themes to develop a 'love for learning' and independence skills.

Pupils have worked together to create and learn about one of the following themes:-


Dinosaurs and Volcanoes

Animals and Flowers

Princess's and Castles



Here are some photographs of activities the pupils have collaboratively chosen to do.



mi burrito sabanero

Here is one of our "'Round the World!" songs for you to sing along to. Enjoy!
We will be learning the first verse!

Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola" (Song Only)

Here is one of our "'Round the World" songs for you to sing along with! Enjoy!

Guten Tag! Hallo! Wie geht's?

Here is one of our "Round the World" songs for you to sing along to! Enjoy!

Reception Class

Autumn Term, 2018


        Welcome to a new school year in Reception Class. Pupils are learning to follow the class routine, enjoying seeing familiar faces and making new friends. We are becoming familiar with our new class. We are beginning to learn about class rules and will be making a Class Charter later this term.

        We have many learning areas in the class– numeracy, literacy, free writing table, role-play corner, small world play, creative area reading corner and nature area. Outdoors, we use the outdoor play area as well as the school Eco garden.

        Our theme for this term is entitled ‘Celebrations’. Pupils will be learning through mini themes– Birthdays, Christenings, Harvest, Divali, Hanukah, Bonfire Night and Christmas. We have enjoyed listening to and talking about stories relating to ‘Birthdays’. We all enjoyed the story ‘Spot’s Birthday’ Present’ and have made a class collage of the story.

        We have also been discussing the changing seasons, from Summer to Autumn. We will be going outdoors to look for signs of Autumn soon and hope to collect interesting items for our ‘Autumn table’.

        Each week we will be focussing on initial letter sounds beginning with– s a t p i n . We will be learning to recognise the letters and the sounds they make at the beginning of words. We will also practise how to form each letter using pre-cursive script. Pupils will be asked to practise letter formation for homework. We will also be using these letters to build words e.g. pin, top, tap, sat.

        In mathematics pupils will be learning to form numbers 0-10 and beyond correctly. We will be counting items, reciting

numbers and ordering numbers. We will be matching, sorting and learning the properties of shapes.

        We will be using the mini themes as stimulus for investigating sound and light sources.

        In P.E. we will be using stories we have read as stimulus for expression through movement and using different body parts in gymnastics. Outdoors we will be further developing our gross

motor skills- throwing and catching, running, hopping, climbing and pedalling.

        We will be undertaking many craft activities and developing

fine motor skills- cutting, sticking, threading, drawing etc. We have a busy term ahead playing, learning, investigating exploring and laughing.

                                                                                             Mrs. Hurford