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Class 1: Mrs Rees

19th July

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the kind thoughts and gifts you have given to me, Mrs Wilkins and Mrs Stone this week. The end of the year seems to have arrived very suddenly and I find it hard to believe that the children are moving on.

You have made our job much easier with the support you have shown to your children, and we are very grateful for that help.


Have a fantastic summer and we look forward to seeing you again around school in September.


Mrs Rees

11th July 2019

After surviving lots of observations and some investigations by Class 1, our worms have been released into the vegetable patch in the school garden. They had grown extremely long and were very wriggly. I think they will be glad of the extra space to explore.

Our 5 butterflies successfully spun cocoons and then hatched out over the weekend. They have also been released into the school garden. Tonight however, one was found flying around the cloakroom. I think it was missing us!


PE kit has been sent home tonight. Please keep this at home now. If we do PE next week we will most likely use the adventure trail or do activities on the field in school clothes.


Thank you to the parents who helped out on our school trip this week. We had a lovely time at Cantref Farm. Many of the children had been before and were able to act as my guides, which was much appreciated. As one child said afterwards, "We spent a lot of time eating and washing our hands", however we did manage some farm activities inbetween.


We have also been out in the garden this week collecting items to use to mend one of the bug hotels. Some of the class started sorting the things out today, and hopefully we might be able to do some building next week.


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21st June 2019

Well done to everybody who completed in Sports Day this week, Mums and Dads included! We were very proud of the children for trying their best, and for completing their races even when things went a little wrong - shoes coming off! The children had a lovely day and enjoyed talking about it the next day and inventing their own sports days and races they want the teachers to do. 


They may also have told you that we have some 'pets' in class now - a wormery with earthworms in and some baby caterpillars. We had the earthworms out this week to investigate what conditions they like to live in. There was much excitement as the children held the worms, especially as some were particularly wriggly (the worms). Once they grow too big for the wormery we will release them into our school compost bins. The caterpillars will hopefully spin cocoons shortly and then develop into butterflies. 

12th June 2019

Since returning from half term we have been learning a little bit about a country far away - China. We have been looking at it on the map and comparing it to Wales - the number of people, the size of the country and what school is like. We has also been having simple discussions about maps - what the different features are and what the key does.


It's Sports Day next week so we have been practising for our races. Class 1 children also demonstrated the races to Reception to help teach them the different events. In our indoor sessions we have been doing teamwork activities. Working together is important for teamsports and it has been interesting to see the children take on different roles and develop their speaking and listening skills.


We have started our work on time - reading analogue and digital o'clock times. Some children have also been able to move onto reading half past times. Please continue to practise this with your child at home. Although the children are mostly confident counting in 2's, 5's and 10's, e.g. 2,4,6,8 - this is something else you could practise at home. They need to understand that they are counting quantities. So you could give them a large pile of objects to count in 2's or 5's or 10's.


We have also spent some time in the school garden helping to prepare the bottles for our eco friendly plastic greenhouse. Thank you to everyone who sent in plastic bottles. This week the children have been using their imaginations to design a house of the future. We had some great ideas - underwater houses, floating houses, round houses - and lots of robots to do jobs for everybody.


Our weather has been very changeable recently. Please ensure your child has a drink of water in school everyday, particularly on hot days when they need constant access to drinks. At the same time they need to have a coat in school. A few children have got wet uniform as they haven't brought a coat.

We have been learning about sun safety and the key elements we need to stay safe in the sun. Maybe that's why it started raining!

17th May 2019

Over the last couple of weeks, because of the beautiful weather, we have been able to make better use of the outside area. We had a walk to the pond in Creigiau with Dosbarth 1 to plant wildflower seeds. This was to support the Penrhys Pilgrimage which will take place next year. We have started to work in the school garden, weeding and tidying the different areas. It's also a chance to learn about the environment and the plants and animals that live there.


In Maths we are looking at 3D shapes, odd and even numbers, and revising the composition of 2 digit numbers - the tens and units. The results of our Big Maths tests have been very encouraging. We are practising in school and many of the children are improving their scores each week. Well done everybody! In the final half term of Year 1 we will be looking at time, so if you wish to make a head start you can start to look at key times on clocks - o'clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past. The children are expected to learn to tell the time on both analogue and digital clocks.


A recent area of Literacy which lots of the children have found tricky is rhyme. We have been revising what a rhyme is (the end of the word sounds the same), trying to make rhyming couplets, spotting rhyme in reading books and reciting nursery rhymes. Again this is something you could practise at home - can your child generate rhyming words for cat, pig, bun etc.


Our topic this term is 'Off We Go!' and we started by using space as our context, hence your child may have come home to say they were tasting astronaut food. It's true! They have also been exploring non fiction books about space and doing artwork based on constellations and on Van Gogh's painting 'Starry Night'.





12th April 2019

We have had a lovely week this week getting ready for Easter. The lovely weather in the afternoons has helped immensely.

The children talked about Easter last week and what it means to them. They also raised a few questions.


Chocolate played a big part in their thoughts so we spent Monday making Chocolate Nests and then looking at recipes and writing our own recipes. The children did great work, and hopefully they shared their nests with you!


On Tuesday we read Easter stories and they chose to make their own story books or to work with friends to make joint books. We had a variety of stories, many about the adventures of the Easter Bunny. They were very proud of their books and enjoyed writing the names of the authors on the front cover.


Wednesday was spent problem solving. It started with an Easter Egg Hunt, but unfortunately the eggs were not made of chocolate but had maths challenges attached. Well done for using your brains Class 1 to try and work out the answers.


Later in the week we learned about the Easter Story and made the link with hot cross buns and why we eat them at Easter. Happily, we got to taste some hot cross buns for our snack too.


Well done to all the boys in Class 1 who took part in the Football trials this week. You were very brave to try out as this is the first time Year 1 boys have been allowed to take part. You all enjoyed yourselves and showed your best skills.


Have a lovely Easter break, and we look forward to seeing you in two weeks time.

Mrs Rees

28th March 2019


I hope you will agree that the children were brilliant in their Class Assembly. They thoroughly enjoyed performing and we were very proud of them for learning so many words and actions.

We are very appreciative of the money you donated on the day, and thought you might like to see some of the things we spent it on. We tried to get a selection of activities to target fine motor skills, maths, construction and language.


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6th March 2019

Wow! We have started to practise for our class assembly and the children are SO keen. They have been brilliant so far, so I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your hard work with the words over half term.

Thank you also for the photographs you have sent is with recycling type activities you do at home. 

We're looking forwards to performing for you next week!


Mrs Rees


22nd February 2019

Firstly, a thank you for the bottle tops and tins you have been sending in for us to use after half term. We are still collecting plastic bottle tops, so if you have any to send in we will be happy to receive them.


Today was our school Eisteddfod, and the children performed their song beautifully. Congratulations to those children who earned a certificate for their writing or artwork too, based on the daffodil theme.


Yesterday we had a lovely walk around Creigiau village. The children were so well behaved - well done! We saw parts of the village we hadn't seen before, and looked at photographs to see what the village used to look like 100 years ago. It was very different then.


After half term we will start preparing for our class assembly. Your child will bring home some words to learn. If you could spend some time practising those it would be really helpful. We will then tackle the second half of the assembly after half term.


I hope you and the children have a restful holiday.


Mrs Rees

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9th February 2019

Over the past 3 weeks we have been learning to tell the story of The Three Little Pigs, using actions to help us to remember the sequence of events and some of the storybook language. We then performed the story and videoed our performance. It was lovely to hear that some children had then gone home and written out their story for you to read. Our favourite character was the Big Bad Wolf, so we spent some time thinking of interesting words to use to describe him and thinking about what questions we would like to ask him if he came to our classroom.


In Maths we have been focusing on Mental Maths, in particular

  • counting to 100
  • counting to 30 forwards and backwards
  • learning our doubles facts from 1+1 to 10+10
  • learning to count in 10s and 2s - remember our 10 times table goes on after you get to 100 and our 2 times table goes on after 20 - they don't stop!
  • number bonds to 10 - pairs of numbers which add up to 10

These are all important foundations to maths and make advanced maths easier in the future. The more automatic they are with the above facts the better.


Thank you so much for your donations yesterday for Velindre and two of weeks ago for Cariad yr Yrdd. Your contributions were much appreciated and it is great for the children to talk about the good use their money is being put to.


Thank you also for your support each week, listening to your child read. Their fantastic improvement is a joint effort between school and home and your time is very welcome. As most children now have solid foundations in their reading, we will be looking to develop their writing skills further. If you are able to support your child at home by practising writing a few sentences each week that would be great. Help them to sound out words they are unsure of. We have been focusing on the spelling patterns qu, sh, ch, th, oo, ee, ai, ay, ar, oa, and talking about adding s for plurals, ed and ing as appropriate. We have also worked on using capital letters at the start of the sentence and either a full stop or question mark at the end.



20th January 2019

Our topic this term is 'Changes' and the science element is based on materials. This explains why your children may have returned home with a variety of pictures and junk modelling over the last 2 weeks. We have turned our role play area into a 'Material Madness' zone to give the children the opportunity to explore different materials and use their own initiative to produce independent work. We had hoped to keep some of the work to display, but so far everybody has wanted to take their work home!


We have been focusing on money over the last fortnight. Some of the children very proudly told us about the games they played last weekend and about visiting shops to spend money. Thank you for your support, as money is proving to be a difficult topic, especially understanding that you can exchange coins e.g.  5p for a 1p and 2x2ps. Working out change has also proved tricky, so please keep working on money over the next few weeks to reinforce learning.


Below is an overview of some of the activities we hope to cover this term.


Picture 1

20th December 2018


Christmas is fast arriving after a packed couple of weeks. Thank you to everyone who sent in such wonderful costumes for our Christmas concerts. I hope you enjoyed the performances and were justly proud of your children. Well done to all of them for learning individual lines or numerous songs - many in foreign languages! Thank you to Alys and Charlotte in particular for helping me to learn the actions. It is true that children pick things up more quickly than old people!


Our Christmas party this week was great fun and we were lucky to get a visit from Father Christmas himself. The following day was our trip to Techniquest, where Santa turned up again. He's a very busy man! 


Thank you to all of you for your kind gifts to the staff in Class 1. Thank you also for your support this term, particularly in working with your children at home on their reading and project work. It makes a huge difference. 


We hope you have a happy and healthy Christmas, and look forward to seeing the children refreshed and raring to go in the New Year!


Mrs Rees

30th November 2018


Thank you so much for the great project work you have sent in with your child. We have made a good start this week in presenting our projects and asking questions of each other. It will take us some time to get through all the work, so don't panic if your child hasn't yet had a turn. They have to have a little patience! Although this seemed like a tricky topic initially, the passion some of the children have shown towards protecting the environment and endangered animals, has been amazing.


If you get the chance over the next few weeks, it would be a great help if you could practise coin recognition with your child. They need to understand that if they have 3 coins - a 1p, a 2p and a 5p - that makes 8p altogether, not 3p. This will show that they recognise the VALUE of each coin. They need to realise that 2p is the same as 2x1p coins, and 5p can be made up in different ways, and so on.

Different children are at different stages, some will still not know what each coin is called, whilst others will be working with coins and addition including £1 and £2 coins. Don't worry about that, just look at the next coin for YOUR child. In school we will also be working on this and looking at paying for objects and working out change.


Thank you

Mrs Rees

21st November 2018

This week has been a little different to normal as we handed over our planning to the children. We talked about what sort of things keep us healthy and the children discussed what activities they would like to take part in during the week.


On Monday, we looked at food, starting with a food tasting session of different vegetables. Many of the children found there were vegetables which they hadn't tried before which they quite liked. All of the vegetables they tasted were food that could be eaten in school at snack time. Then then designed healthy lunch boxes and considered the idea that there are no bad foods, just foods which we should keep as treats.


Tuesday saw us planning a mini Olympics. We started by finding out how the Olympics started some 30oo years ago, and we were surprised to learn that women were not allowed to take part then. We split up into groups to plan some events, to make flags, medals and olive leaf crowns and to make certificates. One group also went outside to learn some playground games and then made a book about the  games for other children to read and try. On Thursday one group ran the Games whilst the others competed for Poland, Spain or Austria. After the scores for each event were totalled up, we found that the Austrian team had won. They were given their medals at the end of the day. Well done to the organisers and to everyone who took part!


We had a visit from Ellen Davies, a local dentist, on Wednesday. She showed us how to brush our teeth properly and we practised on model teeth. She had also brought some real teeth with her. There was a huge tooth from an adult, with 4 roots, and a small tooth with a filling in from a child. We wore special gloves to handle the teeth. We set up an investigation to see what happens to teeth when you drink Coke and Orange Juice. Ellen is coming back in 2 weeks to examine the teeth with us to see what has happened to them. She taught us a lot about how to have strong teeth. She told us that vegetable snacks were better for our teeth than fruit snacks. What a good  job it was that we had tasted some vegetable snacks earlier in the week!

We also read about the Tooth Fairy and wrote letters to her, asking questions about what she does. Some of us designed tooth fairy castles.


Finally, on Thursday, we watched some videos from when Mrs Rees was young, about Road Safety. They were very old videos, featuring Tufty the Squirrel and The Green Cross Code Man. Some of us made posters to promote Road Safety and some of us made short videos like those we had watched.


What a fabulous week! I am very pleased with the enthusiasm the children showed for the different tasks and how well they worked together. Da iawn Class 1!


Mrs Rees



16th November 2018

What a lovely way to finish the week - spending the day in our pyjamas! Thank you for your kind donations once again, and the children were very interested in the idea of helping out other people with their money. We talked about fundraising and sponsorship and how nice it was to help while having fun.


Fun was also had on Wednesday at the Pantomime, Sleeping Beauty. There was a lot of singing and shouting out and it wasn't TOO scary.


We also did an investigation this week to find out if taller people have the biggest feet. This involved a lot of measuring with multilink and with rulers, and the children have enjoyed measuring other things with the same resources.


Picture 1

10th November 2018

Well done to all of you who practised the songs over half term. Your children were very proud to share their expertise and they put me to shame!


This week we have been lucky to have a new teacher in our class, Miss Morris. Miss Morris is a student teacher, and she will be teaching in Class 1 for the next 4 weeks. The children are enjoying having somebody new and having the opportunity to learn new activities.


Hopefully you enjoyed the Diwali sweets that the children brought home on Monday. It was lovely to hear from some of the children that they had gone home and talked about Diwali with you and looked at resources you found on the internet and in books. We also had some Diwali objects sent into school for us to look at. The children were very proud to share their learning.


We have also been measuring this week, using non standard units - measuring using paperclips, our feet etc. You are welcome to explore this at home - just remember that the unit you use needs to be the same size (not a mixture of small and large paperclips). It's also a good opportunity to practise accurate counting skills as you are likely to find your child wants to measure something huge with the smallest thing they can find!


Finally, thank you for your kind donations on Friday for Anti-Bullying. Next week we will be exploring bullying a little further. We are focusing on the positive aspect - being kind and caring, and clarifying what bullying is.


Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Rees

mi burrito sabanero

Here is one of our 'Round the World' songs for you to sing along to! Enjoy!
We will be learning the first verse of the song!

Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola" (Song Only)

Here is one of our Round the World Songs for you to sing along to. Enjoy!

Guten Tag! Hallo! Wie geht's?

Here is one of our Round the World Songs for you to sing along to. Enjoy!

24th October 2018

Thank you to everybody who attended one of the parents evenings this week. It was lovely to meet you all and to make sure you are happy with your child's first few weeks in Year 1. I hope you enjoyed seeing their work and chatting to them about what they have been doing in school.

If you ever have any concerns or questions then please take the opportunity to have a quick 5 minutes at the end of the day, or if it requires more time, please phone school to make an appointment.


Mrs Rees

13th October 2018

As part of our topic we have been thinking about the things we can do now that we couldn't do when we were babies. There were lots of good ideas about sports, talking and places we can go. One thing that wasn't mentioned was that we can eat different foods. So, we had an 'interesting' morning tasting some baby food and trying to guess what it was. We then tried the 'real' version to see which we preferred. Unsurprisingly, nobody wanted to go back to being a baby!

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Picture 12
We also had a visit from Year 6 this week, who taught us the importance of washing our hands properly. We talked about where germs are on our bodies and clothes and in our surroundings. We then rubbed a special cream on our hands (in place of germs), and looked at our hands under an ultraviolet light in a machine, to see the 'germs' all over them. Year 6 told us all the different parts of our hands we needed to wash and how long to wash them for. We sang a special song whilst we washed them. Afterwards we put our hands back in the Glitterbugs machine to see if we had washed all of the cream off. Most of us did really well!
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30th September 2018

As part of our theme this week we have been looking at some similarities and differences between us, in particular our eye colour. We have recorded everyone's eye colour and used the information to make pictograms. We then used our work to answer questions about eye colour in Class 1. This naturally led on to some very tricky questions such as why we have different coloured eyes. It also tied in well with our Role Play area which is based on an Opticians. The children have enjoyed testing each other's eye sight and exploring the resources.


We have been focussing on speaking and listening this week, in particular developing our listening skills to help our learning and to show care and respect for others. In Class 1 we follow 3 steps if a teacher asks us to listen -

  1. We stop what we are doing
  2. We put down anything which we have in our hands
  3. We look at the person speaking

We have been discussing different school based scenarios and deciding how the children can listen better.


The Toes brought in items for Show and Tell and spoke beautifully when it was their turn. The rest of the children asked some relevant and interesting questions. Well done everybody!


Can I please remind you about the importance of clearly labelling items. We have some PE clothing which has gone to lost property as it isn't labelled and none of the children recognise it. Unfortunately this means somebody won't have their PE kit when it comes to lesson time. The same thing has happened with jumpers, cardigans and water bottles. We do our best to identify things but if there are no labels and the children don't recognise their own things it does make things tricky.


Thank you

Mrs Rees

22nd September 2018

Thank you for sending in objects for your child to show on Friday. Some of the children chose to talk instead. If you are unsure what group your child is in then please pop in and ask. Next week it will be the turn of the Toes group to do Show and Tell. It was lovely for the children to have time in which to speak and for them to answer questions from their friends.


This week we have been reinforcing work on the sh and ch sounds. You can help at home by helping your child to read words with this sound in and spot the word if it appears in their reading book. The important thing is that they learn that the two letters make one sound. You could also dictate some words for them to write, or to spell with letters. Remember, writing doesn't need to involve a pen and paper, it could be play dough letters, or icing pens on fairy cakes or writing in sand at the beach.


Many of the children are very proud of their ability to write all the numbers in order to 100, and I am very impressed too! Not all of those children, however, were able to tell me one more and one less when we picked out some of those numbers, or count on from random numbers e.g. from 51 onwards, nor count backwards. This isn't a problem! It is simply the next step if you were wanting to extend your child further. Similarly, if your child is only familiar with smaller numbers, you can work on extending knowledge to 100 but also make sure they really know those lower numbers well - can count on from different starting points, can count backwards, and understand the language of 1 more and 1 less.


Thank you for your support so far this term and the rapid return of reading books on Monday mornings. Your child will also have a library book this week if they were in school on Friday morning. That can come back on Monday if that is easiest for you, or you can keep it until next Friday. If your child wishes to keep it for a further week, please send the book back but tell your child to ask for it again in our library session.


Have a great weekend. I hope it dries up!

Mrs Rees

Our Show and Tell timetable for this term

15th September 2018

Our first full week has flown by!


We started on Monday learning a little bit about the Jewish Festival of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year celebration). This ties in nicely with our own new start in Class 1. We tasted apples and honey, a dish which is traditionally shared during Rosh Hashanah, to symbolise the wish for sweet things in the year ahead.


During our indoor PE session we joined in the Joe Wicks Schools Fitness week - you might have seen it mentioned in the school newsletter. It was VERY tiring! However, the children made a great effort to keep up and copy the many different exercises Joe was modelling. There were lots of red faces at the end! Some children also took part in the URDD Sports Club after school on Monday, so with our PE sessions and our Walk a Mile activities, it's been a fabulously fit week in Class 1!


We have been labelling parts of the body in Science - moving on to things like hips, ankles, wrists, thighs, forehead - terms we often use in school PE lessons or to give instructions, but some of the children are unsure about these terms. The children enjoyed playing Simple Simon to practise.


In Maths and Literacy we have been looking at numbers to 100, and the vocabulary 1 more and 1 less. For some children this is revision, for others it is something new to aim towards. In Literacy we have similarly been working on some areas which may have been touched upon last year - revising handwriting patterns (starting with l i t u y j), and letter sounds (sh, ch, th,). Reading books have been sent home for the first time this term. Please sign the reading record book and return it in your child's reading folder on Monday.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Rees



8th September 2018

Welcome to Class 1. This term our activities will be based around the theme of ourselves, 'All About Me!'


You should all have received a letter on Friday reminding you about things like labelling clothes and providing your child with  water and a fresh fruit or vegetable snack daily. Reading folders go home on Fridays, and may contain reading books and additional homework. In a couple of weeks time we will also be sending home library books.


Reading folders should be returned to school on Monday morning with school reading books inside. This is important to enable us to change books and listen to your child read during the week. Library books however, may be kept longer and be returned later in the week ready for our library session on Friday morning.


Please bear with us at hometime as we learn which child belongs to which adult, as it can be a little slow to begin with. We will do our best to speed things up as we get more familiar with your faces.


Mrs Rees

Topic Web for Autumn 2018

Please find below some activity booklets with ideas of some games you could play at home with your child to help develop or reinforce their maths skills.

Foundation Phase Framework - for your information

Email Mrs Rees